• We get all our beef from Sam Kane Beef Processors in Corpus Christi, Texas and have been for 25 years. It's a very large operation and receives most of its cattle from the feedlots in South Texas. Check out their website at SamKaneBeef.com.
  • We get a number of phone calls every year from folks looking for a grinder, a stuffer, jerky mixes, etc. A good place in Houston is Allied Kenco. They have everything under the sun and are super nice people to do business with. They have a great website, too. It's alliedkenco.com and their email address is aks@alliedkenco.com.
  • One of the oldest wholesale meat companies in the Houston area is Ditta Meat Coin Pasadena. Their specialties are hotel, restaurant and institutional cuts of meat and they handle only the finest products. They have been great people to work with over the years and we look forward to many more years. Their website is DittaMeat.com.
  • Speaking of spices, check out the good folks at Zach's Spice Co. in Deer Park. They have any blend you can imagine, along with the expertise on how to use it. They even have great dip and soup seasonings. Their website is zachspice.com.
  •  Texas A&M University has always been the leader in research in meat science and agriculture. It is also the home of the 2006 National Champion Meat Judging Team! Take a look at the Meat Science Department's websiteGig 'em Aggies
  • Here is a great website to enjoy and honor the Great American Hot Dog! Check out hot-dog.org.
  • Check out these informative and educational websites:
"Beef, It's What's for Dinner." The National Cattlemen's Beef Association will tell you all about it. Click on beef.orgAlso take a look at sites for Texas BeefWhat's Cooking America,  and Razzle Dazzle recipesAnd....are you you interested in meat tenderness and palatability?  The Wisconsin Beef Council has a great websiteBeeftips.com 

"Pork-The Other White Meat." Lots of facts, photos, and recipes are found at these great sites. Enjoy surfing theotherwhitemeat.comporkrecipes.netpork.allrecipes.com, and HowStuffWorks.com.  "Put Pork on Your Fork."  Two very good pork websites: One is from IowaPork.org and Alberta Canada Pork Board. You have to check out the "virtual meat case"

"Chicken- The Zero Carb Choice."  Two really good websites featuring facts, statistics, current events, and super recipes. Take a look at Campbell Soup Chicken Recipes and eatchicken.com.

"American Lamb. From American Land." This is the campaign slogan for the American Lamb Industry. Lots of information and recipes can be found at the  American Lamb website .
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